Security System Alarm

Smart Security Alarm System

  • 4 wired and 99 wireless defense zones, 12V output remote control, arm/disarm linkage output & temper function
  • LCD screen with time clock display; voice prompt for all operations
  • 3 groups of timely arm & disarm
  • Can store 6 phone numbers: when alarming, system will make alarm call to these numbers automatically
  • Can store 3 SMS numbers: when alarming, system will send alarming SMS automatically
  • One programmable 12V relay output
  • 10-second automatic message recording
  • Built-in artificial intelligent digital voice announcer & artificial intelligent English message
  • Can send SMS to arm/disarm/check alarm record; can set arm and alarm delay time
  • Built-in wireless transmitter for convenient connection to wireless siren (customized)
  • Users can make calls by using keypad on main unit, just like a telephone
  • One-key-control function: Out Arm, Home Arm, Remote Arm; SOS, fire, gas, door, hall, window, balcony, & boundary places alarm
  • Real-time, delay, 24 hours, bypass defense zones programming function
  • Wireless coding: easy to add additional wireless accessories
  • Remote control Arm, Disarm, Monitor, & Intercom by phone
  • SMS alarm for power failure or recovery; Built-in NI-HM rechargeable battery
  • GSM standard: 850/900/1800/1900MHz

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